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April 02, 2015

IoT Cloud Center to Open in Singapore

Silicon Cloud International, a computing infrastructure company, March 23 announced that it has opened its second cloud design think tank in Singapore with funding from Spring Singapore's Technology Enterprise Commercialization budget and in-kind grants from Cisco.

The center will develop and design frameworks and infrastructure for IoT nodes and contribute to Silicon Cloud’s plans to create a commercial platform for designing such nodes. The new center is part of the company’s pilot program for cloud based semiconductor design, announced in September 2014 with 11 universities in Singapore, the UAE and Malaysia. A pilot release of the IoT design enablement platform is scheduled for April 2015. The hardware for the new cloud center will be housed at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

“As a research-intensive university, SUTD researchers will utilize this high performance and secure cloud computing platform for their next generation of IoT research and design, with application to healthcare and Smart Nation systems,” said Professor Yeo Kiat Seng, associate provost at SUTD. “The innovation possibilities are infinite. They can range from creating new IoT devices to improving lighting and water management, monitoring and security as well as traffic control for Smart Nation applications, to breakthrough bio-sensors and probes technologies that support the development of an integrated healthcare system for remote health monitoring, making healthcare more timely, accurate and affordable.”

Cisco’s involvement is part of its global push on IoT infrastructure, including its recent multi-million dollar investment in IoT research facilities all over the globe.

“With the Internet of Everything (IoE), spiraling demands for on-demand video, cloud services, LTE mobility and M2M applications, are putting tremendous pressure on network infrastructure and operations,” said David West, CTO, systems engineering & architectures in Asia Pacific and Japan, Cisco. “Often, the general-purpose processors in routers cannot achieve the necessary IoE performance, in which systems and subsystems must inter-connect and communicate billions of events, connections and operations per second. The next wave of semiconductor and sensor designs will be driven by devices that enable IoT.”

Keep your eyes on Asia. It’s becoming the epicenter of Fog and IoT. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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