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January 26, 2015

Olea Announces Redesigned Fog Computing Wireless Gateways, Management

A new, redesigned suite of fog computing wireless gateways has been announced by Olea Networks, designed to simplify the task of deploying and configuring remote wireless devices. The new gateways automatically connect to the company’s EDGEWorks Fog Computing Platform to help bring connectivity to remote job sites.

The new gateways, Olea LINCWorks and the Olea EDGEWorks management interface, are available immediately and are simple and intuitive to operate. Once connected to the company’s Fog Computing Platform, the gateways may be configured, provisioned and authenticated remotely with no action needed by the end user. This is particularly useful at remote sites and enables the devices to be deployed and redeployed quickly, as needed.

“When we first started making our LINCWorks devices, we did not really have units that could be repaired in the field,” said Dave Mackie, CEO of Olea Networks. “Nor did we have a Fog-computing management interface like EDGEWorks to login to the devices remotely in order to configure and monitor them. With our experience, we have created devices that are more intuitive to use and simpler to troubleshoot, and we also now have the managed services to provide our customers with the best possible Olea Networks experience.”

Fog computing is an ideal complement to the Internet of Things (IoT), the technological development through which a multitude of devices communicate directly with each other. The architecture places gateways and clients near user edge devices to enable storage, connectivity and management outside the cloud. By enabling proximity to end users and their devices, QoS, edge analytics and other variables are more carefully monitored and enforced.

Olea rolled out its Fog Computing Platform in November, uniting all its remote field devices through a central and intelligent controller. The platform features an open architecture so it may be installed remotely to manage applications at anytime and from anywhere. The management interface makes it easy for administrators to access each device individually as well as together via an online interface.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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