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October 30, 2014

WD Releases Hard Drive for IoT-based Surveillance

WD, a digital storage manufacturer that operates under its parent company, Western Digital, recently announced the launch of a new 6 TB-capacity hard drive in its WD Purple series.

WD Purple targets the video surveillance market with its 3.5-inch drives that now range from 1 TB to 6 TB. Specifically, the company notes that the Internet of Things drives the availability for businesses to complete video surveillance. Video can take up a lot of hard drive space, so a series of high-capacity drives such as the new 6 TB drive from WD may be a welcome part of data-heavy businesses. The line of Purple drives are made to support businesses as well as homes that require the use of up to eight hard drives and up to 32 high-definition cameras.

Matt Rutledge, senior vice president and general manager of the WD Storage Technology group, commented on the nature of surveillance and how it fits into the growing Internet of Things.

“Video surveillance has long been a pioneering Internet-of-Things application. Driven by machine-to-machine interaction between high-resolution, high-bit-rate video cameras and high-capacity surveillance video recorders, IoT applications bring access and big data analytics to improve user's security,” Rutledge said. “WD Purple 6 TB drives enable innovation in this fast growing market.”

WD’s announcement states that the Purple drives include AllFrame technology that works alongside ATA streaming. They work together to reduce video frame loss and improve playback. The technology, which exists as firmware built into the drives, also enhances the number of drive bays the hard drives can support. Furthermore, the drives include IntelliSeek technology that makes it possible for the drives to reduce power consumption for proper operation within an IoT environment. IntelliSeek knows the optimum seek speed required for the system and alters its power consumption to meet only those demands and nothing extraneous.

As the IoT expands as a whole, it is likely that the number of surveillance applications will also expand. Hard drives should continue to improve concerning both performance and capacity. IoT components should also continue to get cheaper. Businesses once unable to afford their own high-definition surveillance systems will find themselves in an ecosystem that supports 24-hour video protection at a fraction of what it used to cost. In this case, WD is improving the nature of drives both with performance and capacity. It is offering drives in a range of types that cater directly to the needs of businesses and the demands of low-power environments.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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