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October 07, 2014

PLAT.ONE Makes Foray Into Fog Computing

Fog computing is an extension of cloud computing, and it takes data and services towards the end points of the network. It works similar to cloud computing, but is more proximal to end-users as it can be implemented in set-top boxes, edge routers and switches. As a result, fog computing is geographically denser than cloud computing, offers a greater degree of support for mobility and can support a range of heterogeneous devices. These features make fog computing the perfect technology for emerging applications in M2M and IoT.

To tap into this power of fog computing, many companies such as PLAT.ONE are creating strategies and developing new products. As a latest initiative, PLAT.ONE has roped in Flavio Bonomi and Ken Forester on their advisory board. Bonomi is a former employee at Cisco is considered to be the 'Father of Fog Computing.' He is also the man behind Cisco's IoT programs. Forster, on the other hand, has rich industry experience in creating connected devices and has held senior positions in many IoT-based companies.

With the expertise of these two industry veterans, PLAT.ONE is all set to use fog computing to create more connected devices. Currently, it is offering an IoT/M2M connectivity and application platform that makes it easy for companies to streamline the development of new applications and products. Its tools and services provide interoperability of devices and more importantly, its M2M Integration Service components allow new devices to connect to the existing IT infrastructure.

This new strategy by PLAT.ONE is likely to give it an advantage in the world of fog computing. Since this concept is a relatively new one, not many companies are operating in this sphere. In this sense, the presence of Forester and Bonomi will give an early lead for PLAT.ONE.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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