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TMCNet:  Susan Eustis is recognized by Continental Who's Who

[May 19, 2017]

Susan Eustis is recognized by Continental Who's Who

LEXINGTON, Mass., May 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Susan Eustis is recognized by Continental Who's Who among Pinnacle Professionals in the field of Internet Computer Software and Hardware Data Center Optimization. Her professional title is President, CEO and Co-Founder of WinterGreen Research. Founded in 1985, WinterGreen Research serves the technology, computer, healthcare, nanotechnology, security, renewable energy, energy, telemedicine and internet industries with worldwide strategic market assessments and 696 published research analyses. Susan has conducted hundreds of data center virtualization and optimization studies, with a focus on ROI and total costs of ownership.

New studies in the Sea Change Series, "The Mega Data Center Revolution," are available from WinterGreen Research:  C-level data center studies relate to consideration of the role of mega data centers in creating Trillion-Dollar Market Caps. Microsoft will reach the trillion-dollar market cap riding on its ability to leverage mega data center computing. Big companies positioned to get to this large market cap mark relatively quickly include Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple – together with Microsoft they are called the FAMGA stocks. Microsoft will get to the trillion-dollar market cap level by leveraging its technology lead in selling modules that help companies implement mega data centers. All have recently reached an average market cap of $497 billion.

Perhaps Microsoft's biggest competitive advantage comes from using its own mega data center to leverage LinkedIn to become a leader in social media and the emerging crowdfunding industry. Big tech is where it is at for business, and mega data centers are what make the companies grow rapidly. They support scale and innovation in a manner that IT cloud and enterprise data centers do not.

WinterGreen Research looks at this reality and provides the market assessment that the single largest reaso for the success of these companies is IT – they have better, more flexible IT than anyone else.

Why does up-and-coming IT make a difference? Because IT is what runs the business. It is not the business per se in this case, not the exact offerings of the business, but the mega data center that provides the difference in running the business. This is good news for all companies; as they have hope to rapidly grow the business and the market cap even if the companies are not tech companies. Any business in any industry can support rapid growth with the correct IT.

A mega data center is more than cloud computing, it is a special kind of cloud computing: a mega data center permits the business to run the existing infrastructure at 18% of the total IT budget while all other enterprise and cloud computing infrastructure consume 92% of the existing IT budget. FAMGA companies achieve a greater competitive advantage because they can scale innovative projects quickly, and at less cost than other data companies can. Mega data centers can change business forever.

An esteemed member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Top Female Executives, Susan has been in the industry for 35 years. She specializes in the following: business development; providing competitive analysis; performing ROI analyses; looking at data center efficiency; conducting market research and performing strategic planning.

Additionally, Susan holds several U.S and worldwide patents.  The published market research studies, include analysis of optical transceivers, mega data centers, augmented reality, comprehensive descriptions of market opportunity for Application Integration Markets, Solar Energy, Biometrics, Internet Equipment, Top Ten Telecommunication Companies, Web Services, Connected Home, Web Hosting, Exoskeletons, Military robots, Law enforcement Robots, Rehabilitation Robots, Robots, Commercial drones, Military drones and  drones. She specializes in getting good numbers for market share and market forecasts.

As a testament to her success, Susan was named as a Top Female CEO by Worldwide Branding in 2012 and 2014 as well as recognition as a Top Female Research Analyst. She was featured on the cover of Women of Distinction in the fall of 2015, and enjoys spending time with family, hockey and baseball in her free time.

Susan's formal education includes graduation from Barnard College with a Bachelor's degree in Government and Mathematics.  She has had many informal educational experiences including consultation with Professor Paul Horowitz of the Harvard physics department in the development of the first electronic voting machine.

In dedication, Susan says, "I would like to thank my family for enduring support, my son Augustus Eustis, who runs the WinterGreen Research Company, and my daughter Susie Eustis, who provides continuing insight. Also to my brothers William, Steve, and Wilson, my sister Elisabeth, and my daughter in law Meredith and my son in law Matthew."

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