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TMCNet:  Voxbone and Dialpad Create the Future of Global Business Communications

[April 11, 2017]

Voxbone and Dialpad Create the Future of Global Business Communications

Voxbone (News - Alert) is helping Dialpad kill the desk phone once and for all. Since 2015, Dialpad has seen a rapidly growing customer base of more than 35,000 customers adopt the company's cloud-based solution for business communications, including talk, text, and conference - from anywhere, using any device. As these untethered companies race to reach new markets across the globe, Voxbone provides Dialpad with local numbers instantly, compliantly and with some increasingly useful features.

Here's global telephony summed up in three words: super, super complex. Rather than having to detangle a web of regulations and pricing from country to country, provider to provider, Dialpad turns to Voxbone for a consistent solution across regions. With a network of virtual numbers in more than 60 countries, Voxbone enables Dialpad's customers to establish a local presence in new markets with just a few clicks.

Voxbone supports Dialpad with outbound emergency access, meaning their customers won't have to turn to the awkward, "911-only" phone or some even costlier hardwired solution. Instead, Voxbone enables emergency calling for more than 3,000 of Dialpad's users in multiple countries. This allows Dialpad to meet global regulatory demands and allow its customers expand to new markets with ease and peace of mind.

"Voxbone allows us to easily provide our customers with emergency phone numbers in the cloud, eliminating the high cost and inconvenience of supporting hardwired desk phones that are rarely used for any other purpse," says Dialpad CEO Craig Walker (News - Alert). "Voxbone is a key partner enabling us to kill off the desk phone with an Anywhere IT Stack™ that supports a company's workers no matter where in the world they are located."

As more businesses are moving away from traditional telephony and taking their communication solutions into the cloud, regulations are increasingly focused on IP-based services. Voxbone gives Dialpad more confidence that its Anywhere Workers can lead the charge towards expansion with compliance across borders and at lightning speed.

"We're seeing enterprise communications move into the cloud and leave traditional telephony in the dust," says Voxbone CEO Itay Rosenfeld. "Dialpad's cross-platform solution is a great example of how companies can enter new markets without being bogged down with the time and costs of setting up a traditional telephony system. Voxbone is excited to help deliver this solution to Dialpad's customers, and do so in a quick and compliant way."

About Voxbone:

Ever dialed in to a web conference or called a contact center? Connected with your relatives abroad using a Skype (News - Alert) number? Then there's a good chance you've used Voxbone's services without even realizing it.

Voxbone takes the complexity out of global telephony by providing local virtual numbers and SMS services, on demand and via API, in more than 60 countries and 9,000 cities around the world. Our IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution allows cloud communications providers, international carriers and enterprise contact centers to extend the reach of their voice networks on demand and at wholesale pricing.

Our offices are located in San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, London, Brussels, Iasi and Seoul. Our happy customers include: Skype, Zoom, Dialpad, CaféX, Orange Business Services (News - Alert), foodpanda, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica, 8x8, NTT Communications, InContact and Serenova. Want to know more? Come and check out our website at, read our blog or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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