Latest Fog Computing Stories

Cybersecurity Israel: Q3 2015 Country Report
By: Steve Morgan
Cybersecurity Israel provides market sizing and industry forecasts from consolidated research by IT analyst firms, emerging trends, employment, and resources for chief information security officers (C… - 09/08/2015
Cybersecurity Australia: Q3 2015 Country Report
By: Steve Morgan
Cybersecurity Australia provides market sizing and industry forecasts from consolidated research by IT analyst firms, emerging trends, employment, and resources for chief information security officers… - 09/08/2015
C-Labs Delivers New IoT Cloud Capabilities
By: Ken Briodagh
Industrial automation is a key goal for IoT developers, and at Hannover Messe, the world's largest industrial trade show, connectivity software provider C-Labs on April 13 announced the availability o… - 04/13/2015
Analytics Evolving to the Edge, Leading Data to Reach 1.6 Zettabytes by 2020, Study Says
By: Ken Briodagh
By the end of the decade, says a recent study by ABI research called "Edge Analytics in IoT," M2M and other IoT-enabled devices will likely have collected more than 1.6 zettabytes (1.6 trillion GB) of… - 04/10/2015
IoT Cloud Center to Open in Singapore
By: Ken Briodagh
Silicon Cloud International, a computing infrastructure company, March 23 announced that it has opened its second cloud design think tank in Singapore with funding from Spring Singapore's Technology E… - 04/02/2015
Israeli Defense Forces Explore 'Operational Internet'
By: Ken Briodagh
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is one of the premier armed forces in the world, and now, according to report in the Jerusalem Post, it will soon be a key force in Fog computing for the IoT, too. - 03/30/2015
SIGFOX Raises $115 Million
By: Paula Bernier
Internet of Things network specialist SIGFOX this week announced it has raised $115 million in new funding. The new money will support the company's rollout of new networks in the Americas and elsewhe… - 02/12/2015
Olea Announces Redesigned Fog Computing Wireless Gateways, Management
By: Laura Stotler
A new, redesigned suite of fog computing wireless gateways has been announced by Olea Networks, designed to simplify the task of deploying and configuring remote wireless devices. The new gateways aut… - 01/26/2015
The Much Hyped IoT Could Generate $6.2 Trillion Globally by 2025
By: Laura Stotler
It's been said that 2015 is going to all about the Internet of Things (IoT), through which the much hyped M2M communications trend will rise to the next level. IoT isn't all hype though, and the McKin… - 01/26/2015
ABI Research: IoT Analytics to Drive $5.7B in Supplier Revenues This Year
By: Paula Bernier
Revenues from products and services involved in analytics related to the Internet of Things are poised to reach $5.7 billion this year, according to data released this week by ABI Research. That inclu… - 01/15/2015
Cisco: Real Time Analytics, Fog Computing, Huge for Companies in 2015
By: Steve Anderson
But real time analytics is clearly the point to work with here, especially when backed up by fog computing. The potential for gain across any of a number of industries will be too great to pass up, an… - 01/07/2015
Taking Your Business to the 'New Edge'
By: Special Guest
As a service provider delivering voice, data, video, and more over the Internet, your business is relied upon to provide a steady stream of multimedia content to your customers (and in many cases, the… - 12/30/2014
Olea Networks Connects Austin Trail of Lights Festival
By: Joe Rizzo
We usually know that the holiday season is upon us because right after Thanksgiving all of the Christmas decorations go up. The weather turns colder and we see a lot of people walking around bundled i… - 12/03/2014
Cisco Continues to Expand Fog Computing Effort
By: Paula Bernier
Fog computing, a term coined by Cisco, involves bringing more intelligence to the network edge to allow for more efficient data handling and faster, local decision making. The company supports fog via… - 11/24/2014
Eurotech: Fog Computing by Any Other Name is Just as Sweet
By: Paula Bernier
Then it built a platform-as-a-service solution that serves as a middleware platform to push information up the hierarchy. The PaaS solution, he said, decouples producers from consumers, manages securi… - 11/24/2014
PLAT.ONE CEO Explains the Value of Fog Computing
By: Paula Bernier
The second use case involves parking meters, which Murroni noted are everywhere and are very rich appliances with printers inside and HMI. Embedding components of fog within a parking meter, he said, … - 11/24/2014
K2 CEO Explains How to Make the Most of Fog Resources
By: Paula Bernier
Typical sensor nodes in Internet of Things deployments are low power, wireless, distributed over a large area, and most certainly resource constrained (usually driven off of a very low cost controller… - 11/21/2014
Fog Computing Conference Speakers Explain How to Improve IoT Security
By: Paula Bernier
Remote attestation can be used to detect unauthorized software changes, he added, and remote orchestrators can do end-to-end trust and identity management. He also said there's a need to extend securi… - 11/21/2014
Wi-NEXT Gains New Strategic Advisors to Step Up Industrial Edge Networking
By: Steve Anderson
There are certain people in just about any industry who can be thought of as "thought leaders," those people who have perhaps the best handle on where an industry is going and thus how best to take ad… - 11/20/2014
Opengear Adds Cellular Failover Capability
By: Paula Bernier
Opengear this week at the Fog Computing Conference announced the addition of a cellular failover feature to its line of ACM remote site management and IM infrastructure management devices. The new fea… - 11/20/2014
Cisco's Morales: Intelligent Networking is Critical for Fog Computing
By: Paula Bernier
Fog computing is the middle ground between connected devices and the cloud that leverages intelligence at the edge for more efficient data handling and faster, local decision making. It collects and a… - 11/20/2014
IBM IoT Expert: Connectivity Will Impact Product Design, Marketplace Expectations
By: Paula Bernier
The rise of the Internet of Things will require businesses to fundamentally rethink how they design, engineer, manage, and operate their products and organizations. So says Tim Hahn, chief architect o… - 11/20/2014
IoT Data Needs Priority Treatment
By: Steve Anderson
The world around us is filled with data. In no uncertain terms, it's plain old everywhere. From the data that powers voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) connections to the data that lets us send pictu… - 11/12/2014
Internet of Things to Generate Zettabytes of Data by 2018
By: Casey Houser
In order to grasp the nature of the upcoming concept discussed here, it is first necessary to demonstrate the sheer size of the numbers that these paragraphs will illustrate. Readers should know that … - 11/12/2014
VIMOC Landscape Computing to Create Connected Cities
By: Casey Houser
One of the most prominent aspects of the growing number of machine-to-machine connections - the basis of the Internet of Things - is the possibility of connected cities. Large U.S. metropolitan areas … - 11/11/2014
Edge Computing Services are Important Part of Fog Architecture
By: Laura Stotler
These days, cloud computing isn't the panacea it was once expected to be and service providers and enterprises alike certainly have very realistic expectations of and concerns about migration to the c… - 11/11/2014
Protecting the Internet of Things in Three Simple Steps
By: Steve Anderson
The proposition of the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of staggering depth, capable of beggaring even the most active imaginations. And why not? This concept allows objects to readily interconnect wit… - 11/10/2014
Centri Looks to Help Boost Carrier Data Throughput
By: Rich Tehrani
This month will see the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge which, with its cousin, the Galaxy Note 4, brings Quad-HD phones (2560x1440) to the masses. Although Apple doesn't have a mobile device … - 11/03/2014
Cisco: Single Applications Can Drive Holistic Strategies in Connected Transportation
By: Paula Bernier
The possibilities for improving things via the Internet of Things are endless. However, the agencies doing or considering IoT implementations typically only get funding for a single application. But i… - 10/30/2014
WD Releases Hard Drive for IoT-based Surveillance
By: Casey Houser
WD, a digital storage manufacturer that operates under its parent company, Western Digital, recently announced the launch of a new 6 TB-capacity hard drive in its WD Purple series. - 10/30/2014
Sensity: The Move to LED Public Lighting Could Be a Boon for Public IoT Deployments
By: Paula Bernier
Many of the world's outdated outside lights are near ready to burn out, and when that happens they will be replaced with more energy- and cost-efficient lights. When cities update these fixtures, they… - 10/30/2014
Go Figure: You May Need Fog to Have the Clearest View of the Cloud
By: Carl Ford
If you study the history of computing, you discover a pendulum that swings from centralized, to distributed. The move to the cloud or some initial "as a service" has been going on for a while now and … - 10/27/2014
New IoT Event Offers the Opportunity to Get in on the Ground Level of Fog Computing
By: Paula Bernier
Fog computing is a layer of computation, storage, and networking that can reside between IoT sensors and the cloud to allow for faster response times and improved security, explains Charles Byers, tec… - 10/27/2014
Remote Site Management's Role in Fog Computing
By: Special Guest
Fog computing extends cloud functionality to the edge of the network. Remote site management ensures that the increasingly sophisticated devices there continue to work properly. - 10/20/2014
Cisco Steps Up Fog Computing Efforts
By: David Delony
Cisco is making a big push for what it calls "fog computing," according to Eweek. - 10/17/2014
Tieto, Cisco Combine Forces to Push the Internet of Everything
By: Steve Anderson
The idea that, one day-one day not too far from now based on how things are going-most every bit of electronics in a household or business will be able to interconnect and share information isn't real… - 10/17/2014
MachineShop Releases New Embedded Middleware for the IoT
By: Frank Griffin
In a TMCnet article written earlier this year regarding the issue of flexibility and growth of M2M, Robert Elliot "Bob" Kahn, who along with Vint Cerf is responsible for inventing the Transmission Con… - 10/15/2014
Making Contact with the Internet of Things Community
By: Carl Ford
When it comes to the IoT Evolution, we are facing major changes in what we share and in what is known about us. The result is that the contact center can have access to resources and information that … - 10/08/2014
PLAT.ONE Makes Foray Into Fog Computing
By: Lavanya Rathnam
Fog computing is an extension of cloud computing, and it takes data and services towards the end points of the network. It works similar to cloud computing, but is more proximal to end-users as it can… - 10/07/2014
Taiwan High Schools to Go Hi-tech
By: Lavanya Rathnam
Education is one of the biggest beneficiaries of technological advancements. It has opened up a world of learning opportunities for students, and at the same time empowered teachers to impart lessons … - 10/06/2014
Cisco's New Transportation Solution Helps Train Commuters Travel Safely, Connected
By: Jyothi Shanbhag
Cisco recently released the new Cisco-connected Transportation Solutions, which promises to help transportation operators improve passenger experiences in a variety of settings. - 10/06/2014