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Enable Clients to Work Without Compromise
4/8/2021 1:52:11 PM
We are the ONLY all-in-one solution for content collaboration, protection, compliance and threat prevention.

Egnyte provides your clients with fast, real-time access to their files and folders via their desktop, Windows, Apple, or Android devices, whether they are in the office or working from home. It's never been easier to manage files, from millions of endpoints, from one single pane of glass. In addition, we provide a comprehensive data security and compliance solution that delivers complete visibility into unstructured data repositories (cloud and on premises), control over access, location and sharing, and robust protection against internal and external threats. Egnyte uses AI to identify critical content (e.g. PII, PHI, PCI, etc.) and then locks them down and encrypts them.

The Future of IVR Customer Service Assurance
4/7/2021 8:28:50 AM
Enabling customers to use self-service tools such as IVRs are critical for efficient, cost-effective business operations. But systems that are poorly optimized lead to more problems than they solve. Having a clear understanding of how well your IVR is working to serve the needs of your customers is critical as it baselines operational efficiency and identifies new opportunities to improve customer experience, cut costs and advance service offerings.

Download this paper and explore how to :
• Automate customer use cases
• Accelerate release cycles and deploy cutting-edge technologies with confidence
• Ensure that your contact center systems are operating as designed and intended
• Detect, respond to, and remedy service interruptions and measure their impacts on revenue

Ten Tips for Developing a Powerful End-to-End Contact Center Testing Plan
4/1/2021 11:42:45 AM
To achieve the time and money savings that pre-deployment testing offers, you need in-depth strategy and execution plans.

This white paper provides actionable information to ensure you achieve your testing goals.

Read this white paper to discover:
• Detailed guidelines for developing your contact center testing plan
• Step-by-step instructions for building an effective test case for management
• Advice for developing a long-term strategy for ongoing change management and active/passive monitoring of your voice network and applications

Workplace transformation for the dynamic workforce
SCB Global
2/23/2021 4:04:47 PM
Remote working has very quickly become the new normal and is forecasted to persist long after the pandemic has receded. Going forward, enterprises will have to define a future workplace that embraces agility and resilience whist offering choice and flexibility to employees. Many companies are beginning preparations for a hybrid model; in-office and work from anywhere will be the two poles of a broad spectrum of workforce options. The challenge will be ensuring both remote and on-prem operations can function in complete synergy.

The Wireless Internet of Things (IoT) Is Destined to Make Factories Smarter
Rohde & Schwarz
2/12/2021 10:22:56 AM
High costs, the use of old technologies, broken supply chains, a lack of production visibility, incongruency on what to measure and a lack of IT/OT integration are just a few factors keeping factories from running at full capacity.

To overcome these inefficiencies, companies are looking for new technologies and new processes to improve performance. Enter the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Industry 4.0 takes advantage of IoT to deliver predictive and prescriptive maintenance programs, self-healing production lines with near zero downtime, remote control processes, autonomous robotics, and augmented reality systems. These capabilities require better connectivity throughout the factory floor.

As result, wireless connectivity is becoming even more business and mission critical, leading to more stringent requirements regarding reliability, latency, and security. Not all wireless technologies today meet the increasing demands of smart manufacturing, leaving an opportunity for 5G to fill the void.

This whitepaper by James Brehm & Associates discusses the challenges plant operators face on their production floor and how wireless technologies can make today’s factories more efficient. Furthermore, it talks about the importance of Radio Frequency (RF) testing on the factory floor.

Effective Remote Privileged Access for MSPs
ION Networks
1/26/2021 8:47:12 AM
The massive rise in remote working fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic has lead to an increased number of endpoints for MSPs to manage, while at the same time Cyber attacks on MSPs are escalating, so the need for secure privileged access has never been greater. This paper explores how secure endpoint management can be made simpler, while at the same time allowing MSPs to differentiate themselves in the sales process and generate additional revenue.

A New Approach to Zero Trust Privileged User Access
ION Networks
1/26/2021 8:42:03 AM
Our hyper-connected world is making traditional security perimeters increasingly vulnerable. The growth of cloud, mobile and virtualization are blurring security boundaries, IT departments are increasingly working remotely, and independent contractors, managed service providers, and freelancers all require privileged user access, leading to the perfect cyber security storm. This is creating huge opportunities for threat actors and cyber security threats to companies have never been greater.

This paper discusses:
• The risks presented by privileged user access, especially for MSPs
• What you should look for in a remote tool to access and manage your customers’ networks
• How to solve your remote privileged access needs, including how to use just one tool with all your customers

Dell Expert Network
1/21/2021 4:12:30 PM
With digital transformation an imperative for SMBs, managed service providers and IT consultants can tap into Dell’s expertise to help their clients move to Microsoft 365, using the latest PCs and laptops from Dell.

Evaluate Approaches to Cloud for Optimal Business Results
Dell Expert Network
1/21/2021 4:10:34 PM
Understanding the essential steps for successful hybrid cloud adoption- from cloud-ready servers that deliver efficient application performance and flexibility to hybrid cloud architectures- makes it easier for small enterprises and businesses to control data and scale to meet changing demands.

Here’s what you need to know.

Data: A Resource Much Too Valuable to Leave Unprotected
Dell Expert Network
1/21/2021 4:08:56 PM
With so much riding on the security, reliability and availability of data resources, technology executives and their MSPs must make it a priority to deploy the solutions companies need to keep data as safe and secure as possible. Learn how with Dell’s Data protection whitepaper.

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