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Five Ways to Reduce the Cost and Complexity of File Sharing
11/12/2021 2:50:38 PM
The legacy file server is dead! Have clients that are looking to replace their file servers? Looking for a solution that is easy to deploy and manage?

In this ebook Egnyte shares 5 ways you can reduce the cost and complexity of file sharing.

Egnyte Solution Overview
11/12/2021 2:48:31 PM
Egnyte is the only all-in-one platform that combines data-centric security and governance, AI for real-time and predictive insights, and the flexibility to connect with the content sources and applications your business users know and love — on any device, anywhere, without friction.

In this Solution Overview you will learn:
• What is the Egnyte Solution?
• Why Egnyte - what makes us different?
• How it works

Protect and Grow your Business with Egnyte
11/12/2021 2:46:22 PM
Egnyte partners with IT Service Providers to bring content collaboration and governance to organizations all over the world. Our diverse set of partners serve customers of all sizes and industries globally.

When you join our Egnyte MSP partner program, you receive exclusive benefits such as:

• Dedicated MSP Team – for Technical, sales and marketing support
• Co-branded marketing material and programs
• Free Training and access to SMEs in various topics
• Good margins and much more

Find out more about the Benefits of Egnyte for your clients and how to become a partner!

Contact Center Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
9/16/2021 11:30:39 AM
Communication is often considered the lifeblood of business. However, many business functions can continue without phones. This is not the case with a contact. If a disaster takes down the calling capabilities and other communication channels used by agents, the contact grinds to a halt. The damage this downtime can cause to the brand reputation, customer loyalty, and revenue can be dramatic.

This makes disaster recovery and business continuity planning a must for anyone in charge of contact operations, as well as for IT leaders who must support the infrastructure. The high cost and inherent vulnerability of on-premises contact hardware explain why many companies are moving to the cloud. And even in companies that are currently tied to investments in on-premises systems, the cloud offers an excellent and highly cost effective way to provide redundancy. Hosted cloud contact solutions—especially those with enterprise-class mobile technologies—further offer the critical capability for agents to switch over to mobile devices in a disaster.

Cloud contact solutions provide the best way for your business to plan for and survive disaster. A well-architected approach not only houses all the contact infrastructure and your critical data away from potential disaster sites but also ensures high availability by employing a state-of-the-art network required to bypass local problems.

4/26/2021 11:52:48 AM
Making sense of the vast amounts of information gathered by IoT devices can be a serious challenge, but thanks to advancements in AI and machine learning, we can now use AI to lower costs and improve productivity through data- driven decision-making and smart automation. Download this whitepaper to learn how AI-enabled systems are transforming IoT devices and applications at the edge, and what are some of the emerging use cases we can expect to see in the near future.

Enabling Smarter Industrial Processes with Edge-to-Cloud Intelligence
Sierra Wireless
4/23/2021 12:44:27 PM
Recently, Beecham Research conducted a survey among industrial sector professionals to learn more about the challenges they see in introducing smart industrial processes. This report consolidates the survey findings and examines how new computing models, such as edge-to-cloud, bring the power and flexibility of the cloud to the industrial edge, allowing industrial companies to circumnavigate the "heavy lifting" associated with building and scaling IIoT applications.

Download the report to learn:

• How companies are responding to IIoT challenges
• Ground realties of IIoT implementations
• How companies can leverage the edge-to-cloud computing model to navigate their IIoT journey

SafeDNS For MSPs and MSSPs- Reduce threats and save support time
4/13/2021 9:21:10 AM
As a result of a long-term experience with MSPs and MSSPs, we are relaunching our program for the MSP sector to offer cloud web filtering control and provide defense against web-based threats by stopping malicious resources at the DNS layer. SafeDNS offers a range of services and revenue opportunities for MSPs and MSSPs. It is fast and easy to deploy without additional investment and seamlessly meets the MSP and MSSP marketplace’s needs.

Learn how they can help their clients get additional layer of cybersecurity, manage web access of their internet users, and allow them see the usage stats - without significant expenses. One of the most cost-effective solution among the same-level services.

The Future of IVR Customer Service Assurance
4/7/2021 8:28:50 AM
Enabling customers to use self-service tools such as IVRs are critical for efficient, cost-effective business operations. But systems that are poorly optimized lead to more problems than they solve. Having a clear understanding of how well your IVR is working to serve the needs of your customers is critical as it baselines operational efficiency and identifies new opportunities to improve customer experience, cut costs and advance service offerings.

Download this paper and explore how to :
• Automate customer use cases
• Accelerate release cycles and deploy cutting-edge technologies with confidence
• Ensure that your contact center systems are operating as designed and intended
• Detect, respond to, and remedy service interruptions and measure their impacts on revenue

Ten Tips for Developing a Powerful End-to-End Contact Center Testing Plan
4/1/2021 11:42:45 AM
To achieve the time and money savings that pre-deployment testing offers, you need in-depth strategy and execution plans.

This white paper provides actionable information to ensure you achieve your testing goals.

Read this white paper to discover:
• Detailed guidelines for developing your contact center testing plan
• Step-by-step instructions for building an effective test case for management
• Advice for developing a long-term strategy for ongoing change management and active/passive monitoring of your voice network and applications

Workplace transformation for the dynamic workforce
SCB Global
2/23/2021 4:04:47 PM
Remote working has very quickly become the new normal and is forecasted to persist long after the pandemic has receded. Going forward, enterprises will have to define a future workplace that embraces agility and resilience whist offering choice and flexibility to employees. Many companies are beginning preparations for a hybrid model; in-office and work from anywhere will be the two poles of a broad spectrum of workforce options. The challenge will be ensuring both remote and on-prem operations can function in complete synergy.

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