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Casey Houser is a freelance writer from Northern West Virginia with an educational background in psychology and counseling who writes article on info tech, mobile tech, politics, and world news.

Latest Articles

01/29/2015 Allot Communications Announces Three New Global Projects
01/21/2015 QuotePad App Reaches Commercial Launch Milestone
01/14/2015 Radisys Partners with Nokia to Enhance VoLTE, VoWIFI
01/12/2015 Saviynt APPLICATION SECURE Receives SAP HANA Certification
12/16/2014 Forrester Studies Impact of Mocana Atlas App Security Platform
11/25/2014 Atos SE Announces Binding Corporate Rules Certification
11/21/2014 Certes Networks Announces Launch of CryptoFlow Mobile
11/12/2014 Good Mobility Index Report: Continued Increase of Custom Secure App Launches
11/06/2014 SAP SE Releases BILT App to Ease Product Assembly Frustration
10/16/2014 Push and Drop Apps Operate Primarily with Push Notifications
10/10/2014 RevMob SDK Updates Ad Platform for Rich Media
10/08/2014 Bayern Munich to Begin Migration of Core System to SAP Software
10/07/2014 Google Developing Mobile Messaging App to Compete with WhatsApp
10/03/2014 AnyPresence Receives $6M in Latest Round of Funding
09/29/2014 Experitest Launches Manual-to-Automatic Conversion Tool for Mobile App Testing
09/24/2014 Google Speaking with Airtel to Complete Revenue Sharing Program
09/22/2014 SOASTA Announces Support for iOS 8 from Release Date
09/22/2014 IBM Placed Among Leaders in Mobile App Development
09/05/2014 Device Experience Firm Responds to California Smartphone Kill Switch Mandate
09/02/2014 Well-known App Store Receives a House Cleaning
08/25/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Identity Verification Company Receives $6 Million Series B Financing
08/21/2014 Bayern Munich to Use German Software to Track Player Fitness
08/20/2014 Mobile Apps Increase Automotive Dealership Revenue, Customer Engagement
08/18/2014 Israeli Telecom Announces Selection of Global SIM OTA Provider
08/18/2014 Unified Services Monitoring Vendor Announces App Refresh
08/15/2014 Report: Mobility Index Shows Latest App Activation Trends
08/11/2014 Study: Messaging Rates Climb in UK, Driven by Flirting
08/05/2014 Android Usage Passes iOS for First Time
08/04/2014 Pushfor is a Snapchat-like App for Businesses
07/07/2014 GIAC Announces GCCC Security Controls Certification
06/16/2014 LogMeIn Partners with Huawei for Remote Support
06/16/2014 Barracuda Targets K-12 Institutions with MDM
06/16/2014 Mobileum, Telefonica to Monitor Customer Experience at World Cup
06/05/2014 SAP to Include Fiori in All Company Software
06/04/2014 SAP Presents Accenture With Two More Awards