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Oliver has been writing for over four years and in that time has written for two major technological blogs. Oliver has covered everything from politics to entertainment to technology but continues to come back to gadgetry and the all things technical.

Latest Articles

02/13/2015 Mobile Phones Now Unlockable as Long as Certain Conditions are Met
02/13/2015 Activation Lock Protecting iPhone Users Against Thieves Better Than Imagined
02/02/2015 NEXT Biometrics Claims Big Order Number For New Market Biometrics
01/26/2015 Amazon Pulling Beta Version of Wallet App
01/12/2015 WhatsApp Announces Huge Increase in Subscribers
12/23/2014 IBM Launches National Express c2c Mobile Application
12/15/2014 New Survey Shows Increase Dependence on Mobile Devices
12/15/2014 Mobile Enterprise Application Use Increasing Quickly
12/15/2014 Amazon's E-Card App, Surprise! Launches
12/12/2014 Mobile Shoppers do Most Shopping on Weekends
12/08/2014 Digium Launches Switchvox IP Phone iPhone App
11/25/2014 Infosys Rolls Out SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA
11/20/2014 Facebook Launches Standalone Groups Application
10/13/2014 Google Brings Speech 'Ok Google' Campaign to New York City
10/06/2014 China Registrations for New iPhones top Four Million
10/06/2014 Regal Theatres Turning to iPod for Better Efficiency
09/15/2014 Google Play Store Officially Adopts Two-Hour Return Window
09/11/2014 Microsoft Revamps MSN and Bing Portals and Apps
08/25/2014 Mobile Users Play Favorites with Certain Apps
08/25/2014 Mobile Applications Still Have Major Security Flaws
08/18/2014 Amazon Brings New Live App Testing Service to Developers
08/18/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Sizmek Acquires Aerify
08/15/2014 45 Percent of Large Companies Struggling with Mobile Platform
06/25/2014 Company Credits ProntoForms for Reporting-Time Savings
06/25/2014 Litmus Issues Report on Best Way for Marketers to Reach Gmail Users
06/25/2014 Company Credits ProntoForms for Reporting-Time Savings
06/23/2014 Blackberry Unveils Passport Smartphone
06/16/2014 Microsoft's Cortana Could Be Hitting Other Platforms Soon
06/16/2014 Mobile Users Growing Impatient with Flawed Apps